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Sales System Quick Check

Take this 12 question quick check to identify how your sales organization is doing:

1. Our selection process produces the top performing sales professionals we require.
2. The morale of the sales force is high.
3. Our prospecting process produces the number of high-quality leads we require.
4. Our forecasting process is accurate and reliable.
5. We have an effective retention strategy for top performers.
6. Our sales force is highly skilled in consultative selling methodology.
7. There is solid commitment at the top to do whatever it takes to build a world-class sales organization.
8. Our account executives are maximizing the revenue potential in key accounts.
9. We have an effective certification process for account executives and sales managers.
10. We have a career path for account executives.
11. Our sales managers have strong coaching skills.
12. Our compensation system is fair, equitable, and motivates.

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High-Performance Sales
Event Attendee

“Your incredible insight into our business and our market was evident in this selling boot camp. I’ve been a sales manager for twenty-five years. Never have I seen account executives so well prepared to take on the challenges of selling in our industry.”