02. Our Difference

Our Philosophy is Simple: We Believe in Performance by Design

The RavenHouse Approach is Systemic vs. Topical. Engineering quantum leaps in business performance is about building best-in-breed capability and flawless execution. At RavenHouse International, we can help you to build world-class sales and service capability.

Forget cloudy strategies and disappointing results. Dispense with Band-Aid solutions. Our “in-the-bloodstream” approach to growing revenue and creating unbeatable competitive advantage dramatically increases the odds that you will improve both short and long term business health.

Tools & Insights.

The 5 Questions You Should Ask All Consulting Firms Seeking Your Business

Don’t accept a generic solution. Your consultant should help you find the right answers to your questions and work with you to develop the appropriate strategy to meet your needs and achieve your sales and business goals. Here five questions to ask about what your consulting relationship with look like:

01. “What, if anything, is different about your firm?”

RavenHouse is truly a unique business resource. While other firms in our business focus on delivering a consulting process, training and advice, we deliver customized business solutions.

Most importantly, we stay with you to implement the solution and measure the business results.

02. “Many firms in your business talk a great game, then the relationship is disappointing. Why should we trust you?”

We know you have heard it all before. That’s why we feel you should have the opportunity to experience the difference of working with RavenHouse International BEFORE you make the decision to hire us.

We call this unique “try before you buy” option the RavenHouse Test Drive.

The Test Drive is free, and there is absolutely no obligation. It simply provides you with an opportunity to get to know us, allowing you to experience firsthand how our experienced team can help you reach your business goals.

04. “Many consulting firms bring in the big guns to sell an engagement and then you get unseasoned professionals with freshly minted MBAs and no practical business experience. That won't fly here. Who will we be working with?”

All of our consultants and training executives have years of direct experience with organizations like yours – the minimum in most cases is ten to fifteen years or more.

If for any reason you feel that the chemistry, fit, personality, or experience of a business consultant is not right for you, we will immediately replace him or her with another consultant that meets your requirements.

05. “What if we are more comfortable paying for performance rather than process?”

We agree. At RavenHouse, a substantial part of our fee is often connected to producing business outcomes and financial results.

Few of our competitors are confident enough about their value proposition to duplicate RavenHouse’s commitment to business results.

RavenHouse Service Guarantee.

RavenHouse International is dedicated to helping clients worldwide to develop first-in-class business capabilities. To this end, we offer an unconditional service guarantee. We deliver what we promised – or you don’t pay.

During Client Engagement

“In a short period, you converted our ardent cynics into passionate disciples. You redefined our business. You gave us the tools that we desperately needed. Above all, you gave us the passion we need to succeed.”

Strategic Deployment

Defining and Deploying Your Sales and Service Strategy:

 Knowing Where to Play & How to Win

Sales Effectiveness

Building World-Class Sales Systems:

 Selecting Performers to Landing Big-Ticket Sales

Service Effectiveness

Developing Best-In-Class Service:

 Guaranteeing Growth & Profit Through Service

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