Strategic Deployment

Delivering Motivated, Skilled Employees

If you believe that most consulting interventions and employee development initiatives produce limited business value, we enthusiastically agree. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whatever your need for retooling company systems and developing your talent pool, we’re ready to design just the right customized process that will result in motivated, skilled employees.

The results: measurable improvements in business performance, reduced business risk, and an improved organization capable of thriving in today’s tough business environment.


Top Team Alignment

Organizational performance is severely impacted when the top management team is not aligned. Often there is conflict, competing priorities, dramatically different performance standards and an inability to work as a team to achieve the company’s goals.

RavenHouse International’s highly experienced consulting professionals have a proven track record for getting senior teams to work together to achieve common goals.

Executive Consulting and Development

More than ever, the success of your company depends upon brainpower, not horsepower.

Developing intellectual capital in today’s business environment requires a development strategy that is hard-wired to the market. And although most executives would agree that it is impossible to develop their company without developing their people, many people improvement initiatives fail to deliver. RavenHouse International can design a process that will drive your business performance to new heights.

Critical Issue Resolution

Even one unresolved issue can derail an organization if the issue is critical to the success of the enterprise. Our executive coaching can help isolate the issue, create a fix, sell the key players on the new actions and behaviors required, and then manage the process to a successful outcome.

Leadership for Top Teams

RavenHouse International can develop a company leadership process that is customized to reflect your leadership priorities and directly linked to your business goals.

Components may include: leadership competency assessments, definition of leadership responsibilities, skill building, leadership deployment projects, and leadership measurement.

Performance Management

Moving from reactive performance appraisal to pro-active performance management is an objective of most companies.

RavenHouse International can assist you in designing an entire performance management system for your company or department, or we can work with you to improve your existing process through consulting and/or customized training.

Executive Offsites

RavenHouse International offers a wide range of executive off-site retreats. Whether you’re starting a new venture, refining your direction, changing the company culture to become customer driven, restructuring in response to market changes or undertaking any other important business initiative, we can partner with you to ensure that you obtain the desired business impact.

During Client Engagement

“When you told us to expect a minimum five to one return on our investment with you, I didn’t believe it. It’s now ten to one and climbing. This is one of the best business investments our company has ever made.”

Strategic Deployment

Defining and Deploying Your Sales and Service Strategy:

 Knowing Where to Play & How to Win

Sales Effectiveness

Building World-Class Sales Systems:

 Selecting Performers to Landing Big-Ticket Sales

Service Effectiveness

Developing Best-In-Class Service:

 Guaranteeing Growth & Profit Through Service

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