Service Effectiveness

Improve Your Bottom Line and Increase Customer and Employee Satisfaction

What are your company’s strategic goals? What are your customer’s perceptions and expectations of service? Personalizing your approach to training improves motivation, commitment and reduces turnover as employees begin to see concrete, measurable results from their efforts. This personalization is what set’s the RavenHouse Training System apart:


Training needs analysis

Consistent, comprehensive standards

State-of-the-art training skills

Certification program to ensure staff are trained to standards

Easy-to-maintain weekly training system

Effective staff selection system

Measurement systems to measure results

Randy Lottsen, CEO
Baylor-Foster Company

“Training & certification is working better than I could ever have imagined. We’re using our certification process to attract top performers and quickly weed out non-performers. We’re getting feedback from customers that our people are the best in the business. How we love to hear that! Thanks for making a real difference.”

Strategic Deployment

Defining and Deploying Your Sales and Service Strategy:

 Knowing Where to Play & How to Win

Sales Effectiveness

Building World-Class Sales Systems:

 Selecting Performers to Landing Big-Ticket Sales

Service Effectiveness

Developing Best-In-Class Service:

 Guaranteeing Growth & Profit Through Service

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