Sales Effectiveness

Achieving Rapid and Sustained Sales Performance

With RavenHouse in their corner companies around the world are excelling at critical sales activities. Are you designing sales channels that leverage both direct and indirect paths to market? How about creating the best sales force structure, territory plan, size, allocation and incentive approach? Are you integrating sales and marketing programs with extraordinary results and levels of efficiency? Discover the journey of strategic planning, organizational improvement, motivation and support that RavenHouse employs which markedly improves the performance of your sales organization:


Sales System Audits

Our extensive sales audit process utilizes a variety of proprietary tools, focus groups, benchmarking, best practices, systems analysis, and customer research to identify sales strengths and weaknesses.  Audits always include a success map for the future.

Sales Organization Benchmarking

RavenHouse has developed proven protocols and strategies to improve strategic sales planning and leverage best practices into substantial revenue gains.

Strategic Sales Planning

Often sales audits uncover a flawed sales plan. RavenHouse International can help assist company leadership in building a more effective plan.


Employee Selection Systems

RavenHouse International designs and implements cutting-edge recruiting and selection systems.

We can build and install a competency-based process that eliminates the interview as the primary selection tool. And we can actually simulate the targeted job so that you can try before you buy in critical hiring situations. The results are impressive: hit rates for outstanding hires improve substantially.

Transitioning for Non-Performing Sales Professionals

Top performing sales professionals often leave to join the competition because most companies have trouble transitioning non-performing sales professionals – especially senior account executives and sales managers. Using our strategic alliances, RavenHouse International designs systems to effectively transition non-performers out of the organization.

Team Selling

Many companies are moving from individual contributor selling to team based selling.  As high ticket sales become more complex, more companies will move to the team-selling platform. RavenHouse International can offer advice and assistance in every aspect of designing and deploying a team based platform.


Looking for high performing sales executives? RavenHouse recruits both sales managers and high-end account executives.


Sales System Redesign

At RavenHouse International, we believe that systems drive behavior.  We can redesign the sales system to drive new behaviors and improve performance.

Sales Compensation Design

Many sales organizations under-perform because their compensation plan supports limited rather than exceptional performance. RavenHouse International can develop a variety of options to help companies build compensation plans that drive improved performance.

Field Coaching for Managers & Account Executives

Live coaching in the field is a highly effective way of improving performance short-term. RavenHouse International consultants have extensive experience in field coaching methodology for managers and account executives.

Custom Sales Training (novice through advanced)

RavenHouse International is philosophically opposed to generic sales training, as the results are almost always disappointing.  Instead, we believe in actually simulating the sales environment of our client’s marketplace through customized sales training.  It is one of the reasons we get rave reviews and how we build substantial improvements in sales effectiveness.

Sales Management Training

Many sales managers are promoted to management because they are good sales executives, yet they are often deficient both strategically and tactically.

Our custom designed development experiences are targeted to improve the on-the-ground ability of sales managers. It covers topics like: how to hire/fire, diagnose sales performance problems, develop territory strategies, run effective sales meetings, coach account executives in the field, develop team selling capability, forecasting, annual sales planning, and distance management.

Career Pathing for Sales Professionals

Top performing sales professionals often leave to join the competition because their job is dead-end.

We can develop a career pathing system that will result in improved performance and retention of the sales organization’s top talent.  Often this involves creating a sales professional certification process for level 1, level 2, and level 3 account executives.


Prospecting and Lead Development

Lead development is a critical issue in many companies, especially when the company does not have the expertise or time to develop quality leads in-house.  RavenHouse International can provide prospecting and lead development or help build in-house capability.

Sales Forecasting Systems

Revenue forecasting is critical to growth and budgeting decisions, yet forecasting is frequently poor in both small and large companies.  RavenHouse International can help clients build a dramatically improved forecasting system that will predict revenue plus or minus 15%.

New Sales Channel Development

Many companies are searching for new ways to develop new markets while many existing channels are poorly utilized.  For example, companies that market through distributor channels frequently do not know how to support those channels.  RavenHouse has a variety of ways of developing and improving channel selling.

New Market Development

As more and more companies expand their global reach, the challenges of market development increase. RavenHouse International can help to identify the market challenges, partnering with our clients to develop an effective strategy for developing the new markets – no matter where they may be in the world.

CRM and Sales Force Automation

Whatever your needs are for information and customer management, we can install the right system and teach your people how to use it effectively.

New Product Launches

Launches frequently fail. RavenHouse International helps clients to increase the odds of a successful launch.

Sales and Service Integration

Few companies have a seamless integration, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and defection. RavenHouse International helps clients solve the serious problems resulting from poor sales and service integration.

Building Brand Strength Through Sales & Service

Many companies are unaware that they can improve brand strength and competitive positioning through sales and service integration.  Our expert consultants have extensive experience in this growing field and can help companies navigate the waters.

During Client Engagement

“Since we began working with you, our sales productivity has doubled and we are now retaining our top sales talent rather than losing it to the competition. Thanks for providing us with a lot more than we paid for!”

Strategic Deployment

Defining and Deploying Your Sales and Service Strategy:

 Knowing Where to Play & How to Win

Sales Effectiveness

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 Selecting Performers to Landing Big-Ticket Sales

Service Effectiveness

Developing Best-In-Class Service:

 Guaranteeing Growth & Profit Through Service

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