Tools & Insights

Action Begins with a Strategy for Results

Take a look at a few of our tools for insights on how to approach your biggest challenges:

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Sales System Quick Check

How is your sales organization doing? Take this quick check to find out how you stack up.

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Sales Effectiveness Factors

Is your cost of sale up? Is sales productivity down? Are you wondering if you have the right people with the right stuff? Maybe it’s time to re-tool your sales organization.

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Questions to Ask a Consultant

The 5 Questions You Should Ask All Consulting Firms Seeking Your Business.

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High-Performance Events

Attend Events that Drive Revenue Growth

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RavenHouse Service Guarantee.

RavenHouse International is dedicated to helping clients worldwide to develop first-in-class business capabilities. To this end, we offer an unconditional service guarantee. We deliver what we promised – or you don’t pay.

During Client Engagement

“When you told us to expect a minimum five to one return on our investment with you, I didn’t believe it. It’s now ten to one and climbing. This is one of the best business investments our company has ever made.”

Strategic Deployment

Defining and Deploying Your Sales and Service Strategy:

 Knowing Where to Play & How to Win

Sales Effectiveness

Building World-Class Sales Systems:

 Selecting Performers to Landing Big-Ticket Sales

Service Effectiveness

Developing Best-In-Class Service:

 Guaranteeing Growth & Profit Through Service

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